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Roman Reigns the Football Player: From Branding His Own Bicep to All-ACC Lineman

Take a closer look at his right arm. Look past the facade that WWE fans love to hate, past the sleeve of Polynesian tattoos. Focus closely on his right bicep. Do you see it? It's an L, branded into the skin of Roman Reigns, an initial for his given name, Leati. That mark of seared skin is what coach Greg Seibert first remembers about the high schooler he knows as Joe Anoa'i, full name Leati Joseph Anoaʻi, a three-year defensive tackle under him at Pensacola Catholic High School. How one day, af
S. Miller

Who's Your Daddy? Pedro Martinez Jr. Making Own Fame as Teen Hitting Star

Who can be patient at 16? A slugging third baseman in the International Prospect League in the Dominican Republic, Martinez Jr. has been playing baseball since he took his first steps. He drinks it in as if the game is liquid and he is the thirstiest man on earth. And still, he cannot get enough. He catapults from one drill to the next as if all of this hustle and bustle will bring tomorrow today.

A New Dream Team: 3-on-3 Basketball in 2020 Olympics May Help Wishes Come True

Craig Moore works in Manhattan. Most mornings he rises in his two-bedroom apartment on the Lower East Side, slips on a suit with no tie and rides the M-Train to a Midtown skyscraper to begin his day as a financial wealth manager. But even as he sits behind his desk on the 16th floor of his building on 53rd street, the pull of basketball—specifically, street-style, 3-on-3 ball—is always tugging.
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