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Mike Bibby, Coach on the Rise: Former NBAer Now Helms a Prep Powerhouse

PHOENIX — Mincing words is not a part of Mike Bibby's coaching DNA. August Mendes, one of his assistant coaches at Shadow Mountain High, is saying as much to the color guard. It's Feb. 1, less than three hours before MaxPreps' No. 7 boys basketball team in the nation has a crosstown matchup with a highly ranked rival, and Mendes is pleading with the flag-twirling brigade to find another place to practice before his boss arrives.
S. Miller

'I Need a Miracle Every Day': Jake Peavy Picks Up Pieces of a Shattered Life

"My friends, people around the league…I've had so many reach out and offer support in all kinds of ways," he says. "I don't know if it's a pride thing or what, but I'm so reluctant in a lot of ways to even take somebody's ear when times are bad. "It's not a fun thing to talk about or to put on anybody else's plate. It's my burden to carry. I went dark the past couple of years to get back to where we are today: full-steam ahead."

Blount Bowl: Eagles-Pats Is the Climax of an All-Time NFL Chip-on-Shoulder Epic

When Blount lowers the boom, he's sticking it to the entire NFL. "The chip's going to always be there," he says. "Whether I'm facing them, whether I'm facing anybody. It's going to always be there because all 32 of you guys passed up on me. It wasn't just one team. It was everybody. Whether they want to admit it or believe it or not, they all knew what I could do. They knew how talented I was and how good I could be."
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