Donnel Pumphrey: San Diego State's Tiny Terror Is Ready to Move Up

Pumphrey has heard it before. It’s how he ended up at San Diego State despite being one of the most explosive high school players in the country. It’s why one of the greatest college careers in history has gone mostly unnoticed. And over the next six months, this conversation will continue. It will grow louder. NFL scouts and personnel people will spend hours dissecting him. "Productive for sure," a top team executive said. "But very, very small." "He’s a terrific college talent, but I don’t know where you play him in this league," an AFC scout added. "He’s 5'9" and 20 pounds shy of 200. He’s not going to play running back; he can’t take the pounding. So where do you play him? Receiver? I just don’t see it."