Inside a Conspiracy of Comfort: Why It's Time to Rethink What Coaches Wear

Baseball managers wear the same uniforms as their players. (Joe Maddon in a suit in the dugout? Not happening.) In the NFL, where coaches once wore suits, now they wear team pullovers or polos—or, of course, hoodies with the sleeves chopped off. Yet the NBA coaches’ dress code grows more strict: Only a few years ago, they were explicitly prohibited from wearing anything other than collared shirts under suit jackets.

Inside RG3's Never-ending Comeback: Why There's 'No Doubt' He'll Return

Wait, Andre the Giant wasn't a football player. He was a professional wrestler, perhaps the most beloved professional wrestler ever: a 7'4", 450-pound ogre with a heart of gold. Andre the Giant certainly looked like he would wreak havoc if someone designed a helmet in his size and lined him up at defensive end. But the French-speaking international superstar never played in the NFL. Legend has it that he came close.

Noah Spence Has a Redemption Story, If Only He'd Tell It

...We’re here because Noah was at Ohio State until he was banned from the Big Ten two years ago after failing two drug tests for using Molly, the powdered version of Ecstasy. So now, more than just about any other college kid trying to land a job after graduation, he is growing up in front of what sometimes seems like the whole world. At the combine, he had to answer question after question about the partying and the drugs.