How Case Keenum Went from Unwanted Free Agent to Leader of the NFC Favorites

MINNEAPOLIS — Case Keenum is sitting in the corner of a quiet locker room. His teammates long ago disappeared into the frigid night to celebrate another victory with family and friends. There is carryout lasagna in the warmer waiting for Keenum at home, and he texts his wife, Kimberly, to let her know he's running late. For now, he is pondering what he is doing here. How he's quarterbacking a team that oddsmakers say is favored to play in the Super Bowl. How is he a Minnesota Viking?

Kareem Hunt's Journey from Broke Draft Afterthought to Rookie Fantasy Stud

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kareem Hunt smiles when he talks. He smiles when he listens. His eyes smile, and his cheeks smile. If you went from being a kid who didn't have enough money to pay his electric bill earlier this year to a phenom who is lighting up the NFL, you'd smile too. Heading into Monday night's game against the Redskins, Hunt has been the NFL's best running back. Through the first three weeks, he had more yards rushing yards than 26 teams. "I'm just fighting for every yard," he says w

From GoT to GOAT: Joey Bosa's Impending Stardom Has No Limits

COSTA MESA, California — Picture Joey Bosa as a Dothraki warrior—shirtless, hair pulled back in a tight bun, leather wraps around his forearms, straps around his chest. Visualize him swinging an arakh in the shadow of dragons, charging toward an army of White Walkers and wights. Bosa, the Chargers defensive end and reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year, loves him some Game of Thrones. He has watched the entire series in sequence twice and has seen many of the episodes more times than that. He c

The Next Deion? Jalen Ramsey Has the Tools and Swagger to Be the NFL's Top CB

Deion Sanders wore sunglasses, too. It's not the only point of comparison between the Jaguars' second-year cornerback and the Hall of Famer many consider the best to ever play the position. Both went to Florida State. And both started from day one as freshmen there—Ramsey becoming the first defensive back to do so for the Seminoles since Deion did 30 years earlier. Both were the fifth picks of their respective drafts. And both draw the spotlight.

How Terrelle Pryor Went from a Failed QB to a WR with 'Scary' Upside

With rare athleticism, Pryor was not a typical quarterback. There were more athletes with his size, speed and athleticism at another position. ESPN analyst Jon Gruden says Pryor is "probably one of the most interesting athletes I've ever seen in my lifetime." "Freakishly talented," Redskins receivers coach Ike Hilliard calls him. Being a quarterback was more than something he did to play a game. It wa

'The Sky's the Limit': Marcus Mariota Is Ready for Superstardom

Chugging tallboy cans of working-class beer, holding a catfish overhead and removing their shirts, the five starting offensive linemen of the Tennessee Titans fired up the crowd at Bridgestone Arena before Game 3 of the NHL's Western Conference Final between the Nashville Predators and Anaheim Ducks. The quarterback waved a rally towel. You might have assumed Marcus Mariota really wasn't one of the guys—that he was just there because the Predators wanted the sizzle from his big name. You might have remembered NFL scouts had concerns about his leadership ability when they were studying him prior to the 2015 draft. You might wonder how a soft-spoken teetotaler ever could be respected by those burly, tattooed, wild-eyed men.

Prepare for AP 2.0: 'He Is Still Going to Be in That Upper 1 Percent'

It was late April, time for Adrian Peterson to make a decision about his future. He was back home in Houston after a free-agent visit to New Orleans. He was praying for a sign. Saints? Patriots? Seahawks? Another team? Then one day he was looking for a duffel bag in his home office. Things were out of place because the house was being cleaned, and he couldn't find the bag. So instead he grabbed a black leather bag he'd had for years. It had a piece of tape on it. Peterson had forgotten why it was there. He tore off the tape. And there was his sign. The logo of the New Orleans Saints.

Inside Kirk Cousins' Season of Uncertainty

The Washington Redskins had just defeated the Green Bay Packers 42-24 on November 20, and Kirk Cousins, the quarterback in limbo, found Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan on the sideline. "How do you like me now?!" he shouted. "How do you like me now?!" McCloughan reached for a celebratory handshake but instead received a robust hand-slap and head-rub. A more private moment from earlier that week revealed much more about what it's like to be Cousins this season.
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