LeBron's Next Team, Ranked by Who Would Make Cleveland Fans Angriest

LeBron may not be long for The Land. According to various reports, James is frustrated with how the Cleveland Cavaliers have handled the offseason. James apparently expected the Cavs to be aggressive and acquire players who would help his team overcome the Golden State Warriors, their foe in an NBA Finals rivalry that looks destined to repeat for a fourth straight summer. Instead, Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert tore apart his team’s front office and presumably began penning his next Comic Sans communique.

High School Players May Soon Return to the NBA Draft, & That's Good for the NCAA

On Wednesday, Adam Silver showed once again that he is the most sensible commissioner in sports. In an interview on Fox Sports' The Herd, Silver revealed he is rethinking the NBA's stance on the so-called one-and-done rule, which was enacted in 2006 and changed the minimum age for American players entering the NBA draft from 18 to 19. Silver's declaration, like anything in sports, set off an immediate debate. But no one should root against resetting the age limit to 18—not even college basketball fans.
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