Superteam Era May Be Here to Stay After LeBron and KD Changed Free-Agency Game

Nothing of note, anyway. Sure, he was jeered mightily in that February game in Oklahoma City by the fans he'd abandoned. And there was that odd night in Vancouver last October, when all of Canada seemed to turn on him, booing every second of his Golden State Warriors preseason debut. But other than that? A taunt here, a catcall there, some boos during pregame intros. Nothing particularly vicious, or loud, or memorable. (OK, there were the cupcakes.) "It wasn't bad at all," Durant tells B/R M

Linsanity a Memory, Nets Offering Second Act for Jeremy Lin and Kenny Atkinson

On his best nights, as the press conferences filled to capacity and the klieg lights shined, Lin would dutifully credit his teammates and coach Mike D'Antoni and give thanks to two others: God and Kenny Atkinson, who until then was as anonymous as Lin. This week, Atkinson made his debut as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, with Lin as his starting point guard—a bit of happy symmetry for two basketball vagabonds who got here the hard way and almost certainly wouldn't be here without each other. Brought together by basketball, reunited by friendship, Lin and Atkinson now face their greatest challenge: making the Nets respectable.
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