Shaka Smart is Wreaking Havoc on College Basketball

Shaka Smart's college basketball coach, Bill Brown, is only half-joking when he boasts, "There's not a home in America that Shaka can't get in." Smart's players testify to his ability to effortlessly switch roles between that of coach, father figure, brother and friend. X's and O's? He'll crouch down and perform defensive slides. Music? Wale is up there. Something to eat? He'll be there in 10 minutes. What are you craving?

The NBA's Plan to Go Beyond the Anthem

In more than a dozen interviews...a range of NBA figures...laid out a different vision for how a predominantly black league, with a long tradition of social activism, will be part of the movement. Players are still speaking out, but they are eschewing silent protest in favor of actively engaging with law enforcement, civic leaders, children and their communities—demanding change over symbolism because, as Memphis Grizzlies star Mike Conley Jr. said, “Silence isn't going to change anything.”
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