Paulie Malignaggi: Conor McGregor Had 'Dark Intentions' in Sparring Session

Former boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi (36-8), now an announcer for Showtime, knew something was up the minute he walked into the UFC's new performance institute to square off for a second time with the promotion's lightweight champion. The first time he'd sparred with Conor McGregor, who is preparing for a bout with boxing's greatest contemporary fighter, Floyd Mayweather, things were quite a bit different. That session was about putting in work, a private, gritty affair where the few men in the gym had to leave their cellphones in a box to ensure no unauthorized video or pictures leaked out.

Meet the World's Toughest Woman: Cris Cyborg Will Take on Anyone—Even the UFC

Don't let the bright red toenails or the larger-than-life smile fool you. Cris "Cyborg" Justino, 145 pounds of roiling muscles and bad intentions, is not a woman you want to have angry at you, even in jest. Boyfriend, training partner and nonstop chatterbox Ray Elbe is learning that the hard way on the mats of the Cobrinha Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Though nestled in the bottom floor of an H&R Block office complex, the transactions happening here are physical, the only currency is pain. Elbe is on the receiving end as a kick to the ribs thuds through the small studio.

Sex, Drugs, Gangsters and MMA: Remembering Pride, UFC's Wild Predecessor

The UFC has become nearly synonymous with the sport of mixed martial arts. The Las Vegas-based promotion is home to many of the top MMA fighters in the world, and its events dominate the landscape. But that hasn't always been true. Before it was a piece in a billion-dollar company's portfolio, MMA was home to mavericks, outcasts and fanatics looking for a tiny slice of danger. The sport had an Eastern flair, and for nearly a decade, it called Tokyo its home. While the UFC was battling regulators, politicians and cable companies at home, Pride Fighting Championships was the dominant player in the space, featuring events equal parts ridiculous and sublime.

The Inside Story of Boxer's Desperate Escape from Cuba

Rances Barthelemy, a rising Premier Boxing Champions star who faces Denis Shafikov on Friday on Spike TV, had spent two long days lurking on the Cuban coast, hiding in the crags and roaming the rocky beaches before the boat to America finally arrived. That was a Sunday in 2007, two days after the planned Thursday night rendezvous. That's a long time to go without food and water, but for Barthelemy, the trip was just beginning. There was still the matter of swimming to the boat, a football field

The Men and the Myths: Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran and 'No Mas,' 35 Years Later

Just five months after one of the greatest fights in modern boxing history, Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran met in a rematch that somehow managed to transcend the original. No classic in the ring, it was well on its way to being a notable fiasco. Had the bout gone to a decision as seemed its destiny, it would be remembered merely as a disappointment, proof that lightning rarely manages to strike twice. Around 60,000 tickets remained unsold as the two entered the ring, and in the second roun