'He's a F--king Monster': Tim Duncan's Kickboxing Trainer Opens Up

There's something striking about watching a 7-footer kickbox. Even more so when that 7-footer is perhaps the greatest power forward in NBA history, Tim Duncan. (Fine, fine, he's listed at 6'11" and mostly played center, but you get the point.) Jason Echols of Echols Fitness in San Antonio recently posted a video on Facebook of him and the Spurs legend kickboxing—a clip that quickly accumulated nearly 200,000 views. To find out what it's like to fight one of the greatest basketball players ever to live, we asked Echols himself, who's been training Duncan for nearly a decade. Echols spoke to Bleacher Report about how he began working with Duncan, whether The Big Fundamental is as vanilla as he is stereotyped to be and what it's like to watch the recent retiree fight another Spurs legend—The Admiral, David Robinson.

Roman Reigns the Football Player: From Branding His Own Bicep to All-ACC Lineman

Take a closer look at his right arm. Look past the facade that WWE fans love to hate, past the sleeve of Polynesian tattoos. Focus closely on his right bicep. Do you see it? It's an L, branded into the skin of Roman Reigns, an initial for his given name, Leati. That mark of seared skin is what coach Greg Seibert first remembers about the high schooler he knows as Joe Anoa'i, full name Leati Joseph Anoaʻi, a three-year defensive tackle under him at Pensacola Catholic High School. How one day, af

Man on Altercation with Rex and Rob Ryan: 'They Were Coming at Me in a Blur'

The man involved in an altercation with former NFL coaches Rex and Rob Ryan in Nashville, Tennessee, on Sunday tells Bleacher Report he's unsure why the twin brothers attacked him. Matthew Havel, a 30-year-old man from Pueblo, Colorado, says that after spending time talking with the brothers as well as Rob's son, Matt, a walk-on defensive lineman at Clemson, and James, a member of Ryan's extended family, the interaction abruptly turned hostile and violent.

Claire Eccles Can Strike Out Men with More Than a Knuckleball

That was until the 19-year-old left-handed pitcher received a call in November from Brad Norris-Jones, the general manager of the Victoria HarbourCats of the West Coast League, a prestigious summer league for collegiate baseball players. The league features notable alumni such as Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles and Jacoby Ellsbury of the New York Yankees, and Norris-Jones wanted to recruit women for the HarbourCats this summer.
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