Adrian Peterson Is Back: 'I Felt My Ability Was Going to Waste in New Orleans'

"I feel like I've been reborn," said Peterson, leaning against a concrete wall outside of the England practice facility that doubles as a rugby training ground. "I need to touch the ball a lot to be at my best, and for whatever reason, I wasn't touching the ball in New Orleans. When I heard that I had been traded to the Cardinals, it was like all my prayers were answered, like a dream had come true."

A New Dream Team: 3-on-3 Basketball in 2020 Olympics May Help Wishes Come True

Craig Moore works in Manhattan. Most mornings he rises in his two-bedroom apartment on the Lower East Side, slips on a suit with no tie and rides the M-Train to a Midtown skyscraper to begin his day as a financial wealth manager. But even as he sits behind his desk on the 16th floor of his building on 53rd street, the pull of basketball—specifically, street-style, 3-on-3 ball—is always tugging.

The Day the NFL Took Over Alabama

Everything looked and felt different on that cool autumn night in Alabama five years ago. There was LeBron James striding through the darkened corridors of Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, trying to find his seat in the moments before No. 1 LSU played No. 2 Alabama on November 5, 2011. High above the field, Condoleezza Rice, the former secretary of state, settled into her private box to watch the college football matchup billed as the latest “Game of the Century.”
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