Can't Look Away from an Unwatchable NFL Sunday

If there was an exciting game going on, chances are you weren't watching it: Chargers-Falcons was the game of the week, but most of us missed it because Tom Brady and the Patriots were mopping up Landry Jones and the Steelers at the same time. Colts-Titans was loopy AFC South fun, but most of the nation was watching Carson Wentz and Sam Bradford (pictured) exchange turnovers or discovering that the Jets' quarterback saga was, once again, much ado about nothing. But Monday Morning Digest can stomach even the most junkyard-mutt-homely football that the NFL can throw at us.

Jake Plummer's Pot Crusade

Plummer is a leading advocate for the medical marijuana movement. But despite the rugged setting of his photo shoot, he is hardly a lone voice in the wilderness. Players such as former Ravens tackle Eugene Monroe and Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan now stand beside him. So do the mothers of young children whose lives were saved by cannabis-derived chemicals. And former players coping with the debilitating aftermath of their NFL careers. They want the NFL to relax its hard-line stance on cannabis in all its forms and support research into medical marijuana's potential as a neuroprotectant, a substance that can protect (or even repair) a damaged brain.

The NFL Learned All the Wrong Lessons from Ray Rice

With Josh Brown’s one-game suspension for a violation of the Personal Conduct Policy, coupled with the baffling memo justifying its decision, the NFL reset its domestic violence awareness to pre-Ray Rice levels. The league demonstrated that the only lesson it learned from the Troubles of 2014 was that if the league talks a good game and waits for the news cycle to simmer down, it won’t have to do anything messy like address domestic violence seriously, do the right thing or even follow through on its own half-hearted condemnations.