From Punchline to NBA Champion, Javale McGee 'Ready for Whatever' in Free Agency

It's quite a trick to put someone seven-feet tall and 270 pounds with an eight-foot wingspan in a box—particularly one not of their choosing—but that's precisely what happened to JaVale Lindy McGee. "Lazy and crazy," is the tag George Karl, his Denver Nuggets coach, put on him. "Never took the game serious and never really seemed to care about getting better," a league executive said. The nicknames tell the story as well: The Great Adventure. The Big Secret. Along with Doctor Strange and Bum Ass McGee, those special delivery from his No. 1 antagonist, Shaquille O'Neal.

Dennis Schroder Is Going to Be a Star, and He's Making Sure Everyone Knows It

Inspiration comes in all forms. Dennis Schroder, the Atlanta Hawks' starting point guard, found his in a letter written by a middle-aged white technology firm manager in his hometown, the northern German industrial city of Braunschweig. The manager: his father, Axel. The letter: a reminder of a conversation they had just a week earlier about what a career in basketball could do for Dennis and the entire family.

Playing Time Squabbles and Roster Politics—Views from Team USA's Bench

The thrill is always the same when you get the call. You have been selected to be a member of the men's Olympic basketball team of the United States. You have been chosen to follow in the footsteps of the Dream Team, widely considered the greatest basketball team ever assembled. You are one of the Ordained Dozen. This is something so much more than playing the game simply to receive an education or a paycheck or even win a championship for your local fanbase. You have been entrusted with protect

Think You Know What the NBA's Morris Twins Are All About? Think Again

The fortune-teller only saw one of the Morris twins when they walked by her shop window near Manhattan's Union Square. Markieff and Marcus, both nearly 7 feet tall and identical in almost every other way, passed by on their way to Flight Club, a sneakerhead mecca on lower Broadway. They were in town to play the Knicks the next afternoon, a Saturday matinee. Markieff had walked ahead. If she had seen them side by side, simply telling them apart would've been a decent display of her skills. The