S. Miller

Who's Your Daddy? Pedro Martinez Jr. Making Own Fame as Teen Hitting Star

Who can be patient at 16? A slugging third baseman in the International Prospect League in the Dominican Republic, Martinez Jr. has been playing baseball since he took his first steps. He drinks it in as if the game is liquid and he is the thirstiest man on earth. And still, he cannot get enough. He catapults from one drill to the next as if all of this hustle and bustle will bring tomorrow today.
S. Miller

Kung Fu Panda's Last Stand

It is shortly after noon, field work done, weight room on deck, when Sandoval stops for a short break and considers the question: In a season full of them, what was your lowest moment last year? The absolute worst point? The big smile disappears from his face. The light melts out of his eyes. “Everything,” he says. “Every moment.” It is not easy to climb inside the mind of the Panda. His factory settings are more instigation than introspection. He is two-parts mirth, one-part myth. Generally, Panda doesn’t ponder.
S. Miller

Jose Fernandez's Joy, Passion Create Lasting Memories on Tragic Day

This is American Dream stuff—the best of our cultural melting pot, the part where it was supposed to be smooth sailing for Fernandez from here on out. Instead, a young life was extinguished far too soon. And at the most exciting time of the baseball year, with just a week's worth of drama and cheers left before the calendar turns to October and the volume cranks even higher, the games have been interrupted, and we will pause for a wrenching moment of silence.
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