Tom Brady's Latest Act of Greatness Was a Lifetime in the Making

HOUSTON, Texas — The coronation began in peace. Tom Brady crouched low to the NRG Stadium turf to be completely alone with his thoughts. As confetti poured, music blared and adults cried, nobody bothered him for 30 seconds. First, LeGarrette Blount arrived. Then, Bill Belichick muscled through the madness to find and embrace Brady. Moments later, owner Bob Kraft cradled his right hand around his quarterback's neck to say a few words in private. Vindication was never sweeter, no.

The Devastation of Derek Carr

It was the NFL horror story that ruined Christmas Eve. Those who love the quarterback quit eating, quit celebrating, quit opening presents the moment his world came crashing down. With one "Blue 80, set, hut!" and one sack that twisted him 360 degrees, Derek Carr laid on the turf, his eyes widened in terror and repeated, "It's broke. … It's broke. … It's broke. …" And nobody—not Raiders, not their fans and certainly not those close to Carr—could grasp that reality.

A Portrait of Andrew Luck: Nice-Guy, Badass-Geek QB

You'd trust Andrew Luck to date your daughter or water your plants when you're out of town. He's not the cold-blooded killer we crave at the position. Everyone loves the the transcendent blend of a muzzleloader arm, 4.6 speed, Stanford smarts and punch-drunk toughness. But the niceness isn't a usual part of that mix. So now he must prove nice guys can finish first. A robotically kind QB must now go in for the jugular this final month of the NFL season.
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