It's Time for the NFL to Remember What It Means to Get Gronked

His football career should be in peril. The indomitable force should be, once and for all, finished. On Nov. 13, 2016, Rob Gronkowski absorbed an Earl Thomas lampoon of a hit to the chest and suffered a pulmonary contusion. On Nov. 27, against the Jets, he injured his back (yet again) and went under the knife for his ninth reported surgery. The Patriots won the Super Bowl anyway. So this would be a fitting end, a perfect retirement. He pounded beers, then spiked those beers as "Jump Around" and "All I Do Is Win" blared through the victory parade in downtown Boston. Gronk seriously one-handed one beer from a fan in the crowd before chugging and spiking.

Marty Bennett Brings the Party to Green Bay—Black Unicorns and Cow Sex Included

VALDERS, Wisc. — Manure is splattered on his right elbow and on his shorts, and it’s sticking underneath those kicks that weren’t expecting to slosh around a farm quite this much. Oh, Martellus Bennett is cool with visiting Liberty Vall Dairy, a family farm 45 minutes south of Green Bay. But he isn’t too thrilled about the idea of actually milking the cows. Once the Mancheski family and a B/R Mag video crew guides him into the milking parlor, however, everything changes.
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